How do I integrate my website with Click4Time’s service?
Posted by on 25 June 2011 01:31 PM

There are 3 styles of integration to choose from in the Marketing / Book Now Button tab.  You may want to get assistance from your company webmaster. 

  • Book Now Button – When your client selects the Book Now button, a booking window will open on your website. Once a booking is made, the booking window can be closed. 
    1. Full Screen View - This will open your booking calendar in a new, full sized window. 
    2. Integrated View – This will open your booking calendar in a popup window within your website.

Embedded Calendar – An embedded calendar, sometimes called a "widget", can be permanently displayed directly within a page on your website.  The embedded calendar is intended to provide booking functions only and will not display information such as your business address, phone number, Service / Service Provider, Stand-Alone Resource information, testimonials, social media links and Gift Card Café gift certificate button, as these will most likely be displayed in other pages of your website.