Can each Service Provider or Stand-Alone Resource have specific prices, services and hours?
Posted by on 25 June 2011 01:35 PM

Yes. When you add a Service Provider or Stand-Alone Resource, you are able to customize services, hours and pricing specific to them.

  1. In Settings / Services create the service to be assigned to the Service Provider or Stand-Alone Resource including specific pricing.
  2. In Settings / Service Providers / Schedules / Service Assignment or Resources / Schedules / Service Assignment assign the new service to the Service Provider or Stand-Alone Resource.
  3. To set individual hours, go to Settings / Service Providers / Schedules or Resources / Schedules, select the Schedule icon and select the “Create New Schedule” tab. You can define work days / hours, break times and holiday & leave times.  Any notes added to the Description field, will be displayed in the column header of the company calendar Column or Working Day view.