How do I set up a Service Provider to access their schedule remotely?
Posted by on 27 July 2011 03:47 PM

Go to Settings / Service Providers / Schedules, then select “Add New Service Provider” and complete the form.  The new Service Provider will be assigned “Service Provider” level permissions by the system. 

If the Service Provider being set up is not a registered End User of Click4Time, they will automatically be sent an email with a link to set their password.  If they don’t update the password within 48 hours, the permissions do not change, but in order to remotely access their schedule, they will have to use the “Forgot Password” link on to create a password.

If the Service Provider being set up is already a registered End User of Click4Time (matching email address), no email will be sent.  They login using their current credentials.

To Access their calendar, login to and go to the "Book Now" tab and selct "Set as Default" beside the company’s name. Then go to the "Home" tab and click the company link under "Service Provider Calendars".


Once the above is complete, the Service Provider can access their schedule by logging into and can set up their hours of availability and book, cancel or confirm appointments for their clients.

To disable a user’s permission, select the “Status” icon beside that user in Settings / Service Providers.