Can I force clients to pre-pay for services?
Posted by on 25 October 2011 11:07 AM

Yes, a mandatory prepayment amount can be set 1% to 100% of the fee.  The pre-payment feature only applies when the client is booking. When a client books a forced pre-pay service, the system will allow 20 minutes for the payment to be processed. If payment is not reconciled within the allotted time, the appointment will not be confirmed and a cancellation email will be sent to the client advising them to re-book. 

Forced Prepayment can be overridden on a per client basis, by going to Clients / Client List, selecting the client from the list and edit the “Forced Prepayment/Client” field in the. Leave the field blank to apply the Forced Prepayment set for each service.  Use 1% to 100% to override the Forced Prepayment for all services.

Note: All Service Providers who perform these services must be set to “Automatically Accept” appointments to allow for prepayments.  This is set in each Service Provider’s profile page.