Can I force clients to prepay for services?
Posted by on 25 October 2011 11:07 AM

Yes, a mandatory prepayment can be forced on a per client basis by editing the client’s Booking Settings in their profile. Set a prepayment percentage to force the client to pay before confirming a booking for any service.

When a client books a forced prepay service, the system will allow 20 minutes for the payment to be processed. If payment is not reconciled within the allotted time, the appointment will not be confirmed and a cancellation email will be sent to the client advising them to re-book.

If you already force a prepayment on the Service directly, the amount you set in the client Booking Settings Forced Prepayment will override the Service prepayment value. Leaving the field blank to apply the Forced Prepayment set for each service. 


  1. The prepayment is only enforced on the client booking calendar. When you book from the admin calendar you will need to manually apply a payment or email an invoice to the client to pay online. 
  2. All Service Providers or Stand-Alone Resources who perform the prepay services must be set to “Automatically Accept” appointments to allow for prepayments. Appointments that need to be manually approved can't be prepaid. The Service Provider Booking Settings are set in each Service Provider or Stand-Alone Resource’s profile page.

  1. Avoid using 100% prepayments for a taxable service if these 2 points apply to your setup:
    • have set the Service to Booking Options 2 or 3 (To Be Assigned), see Settings > Services > Booking Options section, and
    • have Tax Exempt Service Providers/Resources assigned to this Service.