If my business has multiple locations, am I able to manage them from the same Dashboard?
Posted by on 11 November 2011 02:58 PM


  • After registering your first company, remain logged in and register each additional location separately by going to https://book.click4time.com/signup and filling out the registration form.  The email address will link the businesses to be managed.
  • Once all locations have been registered, there will be a drop down box located at the top right corner of your Dashboard page. To view a different location’s Dashboard and Calendar choose from this drop down.

  • If you would like your clients to be able to choose a location when booking online, go to Settings / Configuration / Advanced / Multiple Locations and set 'Display Multiple Locations to Clients' to 'Yes' and select the 'Setup Other Locations' link. A window with a list of all locations registered to your company email address will appear.  Select the location(s) that are to be displayed.
  • Note: You will need to repeat this step in each company's Advanced / Multiple Locations tab to complete the bridge.