Where do I set Tax rates?
Posted by on 15 March 2012 04:56 PM

Go to Finance / Settings / Defined Taxes to set Service and Product Tax names, descriptions, rates and effective dates.

If a tax rate is to change in the future, add the new tax with the Start Date and modify the End Date of the original tax to the day before the new tax’s Start Date. The new tax rate will be applied automatically to appointments beyond the tax implementation date.

Go to the “Assign Taxes” section to assign the taxes to Services and/or Products. If you created services or products before setting up taxes, you will need to return to edit those services and add the taxes manually. Taxes will only be assigned to newly created services and products. We recommend defining and assigning taxes before adding a multitude of service and products as this will save time later.

Note: any appointments or invoices created before the taxes were assigned, will not reflect the new taxes. Those appointments will need to be manually rebooked for the taxes to be applied.