My client doesn’t see their appointments in My Appointments tab, what should they do?
Posted by Dino Bassanese on 30 April 2013 11:51 AM

First check your client list to be sure you do not have a duplicate entry for the client with a different email address. Appointments are linked to the client account using the email address. If there is a duplicate entry, merge the records, being sure to keep the record with the head silhouette icon, since this is the account the client registered online.

Note: If multiple clients are sharing an email address, only 1 of those clients will be able to have an online account since the email address is the unique identifier of the online profile. Ideally each client would use their own email address for their profile. 

If there are no duplicates, have the client log in to their account at book.Click4Time.com and ensure they have set a time zone in their “My Account” tab.  

If that has not corrected the issue, please have them email support @ Click4Time.com for further assistance.