How do I sync my Click4Time calendar with Microsoft Outlook?
Posted by Dino Bassanese on 03 July 2013 01:26 PM

NOTE: Automatic calendar syncing is only available to businesses and their staff.  Clients can add appointments to their personal calendars through the links provided in the Confirmation and Reminder emails. 

To sync your Click4Time calendar with your Outlook calendar, you will need a Google account, which will be a link between Click4Time and Outlook.  You don’t need to be actively using Google calendar for the sync to work, it is simply being used as a database. If you don’t have a Google account, you can signup here. There is no cost to use Google.

You will need to first sync your Click4Time calendar with the Google calendar, see instructions here.  Once synced to Google, you will need to copy the Google calendar web address.  Select the drop down beside the Click4Time SP calendar listed in Google to access the calendar Settings.  Select the iCAL button in the Private Address section to view the calendar address to be copied.  

Once copied, go to your Outlook Calendar and click the Open Calendar / From Internet link and paste the address in the Location field.  

In the Subscription Options, name the calendar (Folder Name) and check the Attachments and Update Limit boxes and press OK.  At this point you should see your new calendar added.

  • Note: This is a one way sync, only Click4Time appointments are added to your personal calendar.  Appointments added or changed in your personal calendar will not be updated in your Click4Time calendar. With the nature of online booking it is necessary for the availability of the calendar to be accurate up to the second.  With a 2 way sync, we have no control when an event created in an external calendar will be synched to Click4Time, opening the possibility of scheduling conflicts. 
  • Note: There is an approximate 5 minute delay for Click4Time appointments to appear in Google calendar and Outlook calendar.