Announcements to Your Clients
Posted by Dino Bassanese on 13 March 2020 04:51 PM

Click4Time allows you to create a public announcement that displays on all pages of your client side booking calendar. You can manage this message from Settings > Notifications > Announcements.  You must have Owner or Administrator permissions to access the Announcements page.

You may also include additional wording in your Client Email Templates. To add wording to the Confirmation, Changed and Reminder emails, go to Settings > Notifications > Email Templates and Edit the corresponding email template.

We recommend adding your notice to the top of the template so that clients are more likely to see the message, many won’t scroll to the bottom of the email. Just add a couple of blank lines above the first line of text and add your wording.  If you have knowledge on basic HTML formatting, you can use the following tags to draw attention to the text

<b>BOLD </b>