I didn't receive my appointment email, what should I do?
Posted by Dino Bassanese on 20 July 2020 02:50 PM

If you are missing emails from your provider, the email may be delayed in arriving to your inbox, or may have been considered junk/spam. Please check the spam/junk folder before requesting a new email.

You can also follow this troubleshooter as a starting point https://support.click4time.com/index.php?/Troubleshooter/Step/View/8

IMPORTANT!! If you access your email through another mail program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or through your mobile device's email app, and your email provider (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, company email etc.) considered the email as junk, it likely won't be retrieved by your mail program. You will need to log in to the webmail system directly through a web browser to check the spam folder and mark any Click4Time email as "Not Spam". You can also add Click4Time's sender email "no-reply@click4timemail.com" as a contact so that your mail service knows to trust emails from this address. This should fix any deliverability issues.

Microsoft Outlook example

Once email has been sent from our server and received by the incoming mail server, we have no further control over where emails are directed.

If you're still having difficulties locating missing emails, please contact us at support @ click4time.com (spaces in email address are to circumvent spammers)


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