How do I import clients from another system?
Posted by Dino Bassanese on 06 August 2020 11:03 AM

In order to import a client list into Click4Time, you will need to provide us with an excel spreadsheet with your client details, including columns for all or some of the following details:

First Name (Required)
Last Name (Required)
Primary Phone
Mobile Phone
Zip / Postal
Birth Date
Skype Username
Referred By
How did you find us?
Client Notes

This spreadsheet should be locked and sent to support@click4time.com. Send the spreadsheet and password in separate emails, whereby the password email would simply have the password in it without the word "Password" in the body or subject. The subject should be "client import". Once we receive the document, it will be reviewed for formatting consistency and then imported. Imports are completed within 5 business days.

Here are instructions on setting a password to protect the excel file


Follow these steps to set a password to open/modify an Excel file: NOTE: On a Mac, go to File > Save As > Options, and then set the password to open or modify the file.
1. In the Excel file, click File > Save As.
2. Click a location, such as Computer or Desktop.
3. Click a folder, such as Documents or click Browse to find a folder that is easily located after saving.
4. In the Save As dialog box, go to the folder you want to use, then click Tools and then click General Options.
5. You can specify a password to open the file, no need for a password to modify the file.
6. Click Save.