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Yes. Click4Time uses a Secure Socket Layer for secure data transfers and utilizes a server provider that is unsurpassed.
Yes, through any Internet connected device.
No. You can use a browser on most Internet connected computers or mobile devices or _Click4Time_'s FREE iPhone or Android app.
To signup for Twitter go to www.twitter.com [http://www.twitter.com/], signup for Facebook go to www.facebook.com. [http://www.facebook.com/]
Go to the Client View "My Account" tab to access the Change Password link.
Single User (1 to 10 Bookings) Free Single User (11 to 40 Bookings) $9.95 Single User (41 to 99 Bookings) $14.95 Single User (100 to Unlimited Bookings) $19.95 2 - 20 Users (Unlimited Bookings) $39.95 * Over 20 Users, contact us for pricing * ...
Yes, you can access and manage your Booking Calendar just as you would from your computer by navigating to book._Click4Time_.com [1] and logging in as usual. Although you can view, book and cancel appointments in the mobile view from a Smartphone, it is n...
Your Click4Time billing history is located under Company Account / Billing History from the Dashboard. From there you can print past invoices.
The Client Confirmation email displays a link to the My Appointments page where the client can change or cancel their booking. Client must be a registered online user to have access to the My Appointments tab. Note, a client's appointments will not displa...